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Barb Cole has worked with home buyers of new construction since 2002. She understands what buyers should look for in a brand new built home from the soil, foundation, framework, inspections, options that matter in flooring, lighting and more. Barb Cole will make sure that you get the most, well constructed home for your money with a home warranty that covers appliances, plumbing, electrical, cosmetic looks, flooring, doors, roof, foundation and more.

Don't buy any type of real estate especially a brand new home WITHOUT representation!! 

It costs you nothing but could cost you a lot MORE on the back side if your deal is not represented and negotiated for you properly.  Having an experienced new home construction real estate professional on your side can save you time and hassles along with saving you money!!

The BUILDER' representation (on site sales representative in the builder's sales office) is there to represent and negotiate on behalf of the SELLER (BUILDER)...not YOU..!!  So that should tell you that their goal is to protect the seller's money and keep as much as they can in their back pocket. 

My JOB is to represent you as the buyer to negotiate on your behalf and to help you to keep as much of your MONEY in your pocket as possible.  I will go the extra mile to make sure that you and your wallet are both protected while making sure that you are purchasing a well-built sound home from the soil that it's built on all the way to the roof top. The following is what we will agree upon in the beginning if you chose to work with me, Barb Cole, Certified New Home Sales Specialist & Agent.  Then we can get started working as a team to get the job done so you can feel good about your brand new home purchase.  I will be there with you all the way from the research, new home pricing, incentives, options, warranties, inspections, building concerns, walk-through, closing and more.  

We have spoken with a preferred lender and have provided the following:

 Lender has verified funds for down payment & closing costs.

And any additional information that is needed to get you qualified to purchase your brand new home. 

Universal Co-Broke Acceptance

Call Barb Cole today at 972-292-8859 or email her at for a "FREE" New Home Buyer Consultation.