Lease With The Right To Purchase A Home Program 

There are options available to help responsible households with a transparent path to home-ownership without the pressure that comes when you are not quite ready yet..... but you are working towards becoming a homeowner some day.  The program provides (3) three to (5) five years of rent certainty with an initial financial commitment of just one year.  In Texas, the maximum total lease term is (3) three years.  For more information about this awesome opportunity to find a home that you can purchase when everything is in alignment with your credit, income, down payment, closing costs, etc. to make that home your home.  This program will purchase the home for you and you will lease it until you purchase it.  This don't have to move again!  You can consider the home that is purchased on your behalf as your home.  What a great feeling to know that someday you will be a homeowner!  

Your household must meet the guidelines and requirements as well as the home must meet the guidelines and requirements of the program.  Bottom-line...the property and the tenant...potential new homeowner must meet the criteria, guidelines and requirements.  For more information, click the link below "Lease With The Right To Purchase" or send an email to for additional information.  The link below will explain how the program works and you will be able to apply for this great program if you are interested in the program.  It works and we have several happy tenants that have become homeowners through this program. 

LINK:  Lease With The Right To Purchase.